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These are our own (Bikers Designs) brand windshields. Developed for Bikers, by Bikers, to be superior to every other brand on the market. Made of an ABS/Polycarbonate blend that reduces brittleness to minimize chipping and cracking. Developed to eliminate buffering, giving the rider the smoothest ride possible, even while wearing a helmet. These are prepped, primed using the strongest adhesion promoter, painted and clear coated. Also using the highest quality products to ensure the best possible protection for your windshield. As with all of our products, these come with a full 1 year warranty. Something you won't get with the other guys! You can buy with confidence. 100% Made in America!!

Gangsta - Windshield

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Man these Gus really knocked it out of the park. I
put these on midweek. Had to work, couldn’t ride. Took it out this weekend, couldn’t park and walk away fast enough before someone started asking about the windshield and horn cover. This occurred at 6 different stops over 6 hours and 120 miles. Glad to tell everyone about them.